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A brief introduction of what kind of professional services we provide


Get started on the right foot. Our onboarding team will help integrate our platform into your ecosystem, guide your skill development strategy and help you put that strategy into action.

Through consultations, technical services, enablement sessions and adoption campaigns, You’ll see immediate adoption and progress toward your business objectives from day one.

Network Transformation via Performance Hub

intellimaticz Professional Services will help you create a data center strategy to achieve transformative levels of IT flexibility, efficiency, and cost control. One of our top solutions is intellimaticz Performance Hub, an easy, affordable, low-risk way to upgrade and future-proof your data center. Unlike the legacy model for data center computing, in which servers in isolated corporate facilities transmit data over limited network lines, an intellimaticz Performance Hub places a company’s servers near large user populations in data centers connected to many networks and clouds.

Global Solutions Architects

Moving into the next era of enterprise IT with limited resources? Turn to technology and industry professionals that can help you expand your resources to make the right strategic technology decisions for your business. Each of our Global Solutions Architects are technical experts with more than 20 years of hands-on experience in their respective fields. They'll work with you to define requirements and objectives and develop a comprehensive set of planning, test/validation, migration and deployment strategies to maximize the return on your data center investments.

SAP Services

As a trusted SAP Partner for over a decade, intellimaticz offers a complete range of tailored, futuristic SAP services that help organizations simplify, transform and grow. We are driving innovations across line of businesses with the help of our large pool of industry experts in Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Human Resources.

Our capabilities and services are focused on business outcomes for our customers through Design Thinking and Transformative Implementation Services.

intellimaticz packaged and uniquely tailored enterprise core services are specially designed to meet industry specific requirement for the digital transformation with quick value realization. These packages combine licenses, infrastructure and implementation services and offered as a single window service.

intellimaticz is associated with SAP in multidimensional way which makes us one of the most trusted partner for organizations to take care of them at every stage of their SAP lifecycle.